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Thank you for taking the time to find out about DCX.
DCX was launched in 1992 as the newsletter Capital Exchange Gazette, bringing fund seekers (introduced by their professional advisers) together with investors. After going online in 1998 as DCX, it is now regarded as the focal market place for self-certified investment, with DCX Members posting investment opportunities from entrepreneurs.
In the UK alone, at any one time there are 20,000 to 50,000 enterprises seeking 'equity/debt' funding, the majority between £250,000 and £750,000. Also, at any one time, there are some 350,000 active or latent investors who would invest between £20,000 and £500,000 each in these enterprises. But there is one caveat - they must be easy to identify. Which is precisely the role of DCX, UK and worldwide.

It was understood by DCX from the outset that serious business people be they the fund-seeker, dealmaker or investor, have only ever wanted a simple and open means through which they can identify each other and initiate their own negotiations. DCX has never been a deal-maker or broker, merely an information medium for direct private investment activity, designed to overcome the fragmentation that has always afflicted the market.

*Sources: Dr Colin Mason and Prof Richard Harrison (1995), NatWest/DTI/ESRC (1994), Cruickshank Report into Competition in UK Banking (2002)

Nominal registration fees for investors (DCX Investors) have always kept 'tyre-kickers' out of our community. In addition, DCX Investors are now further qualified through the self-certification procedure introduced in the March 2005 Amendments to FSMA2000. Professional advisors to fund-seeking enterprises who have registered as DCX Members deliver quality control over business plans and preparation for investors' due diligence. With this formula, investors are sure of professional response to enquiries, with fund-seekers and their advisors knowing they are not going to be inundated with time-wasters.
DCX Investors are kept informed of current opportunities by setting their preferences in the DCX Newswire zone, which e-mails them with an alert immediately a DCX Member posts an opportunity that could interest them.
This unique formula of quality control and newswire service has ensured growing acceptance of the DCX service among serious business people.

“We've been a DCX Member since 1998 and always found it easy to use and highly effective. We often receive incoming calls from DCX Investors within a few hours of posting opportunities to the service. There have never been any time-wasters.” – David Beer, Beer & Partners (2006)

“...a unique and dynamic service for unquoted businesses.” – The Business (2005)

“…Reuters or Bloombergs for entrepreneurs.” – BBC TV Breakfast news (2004)

“This is a brilliant service. Bring it to Australia as soon as you can.” – Paul Clements, Clements Dunne & Bell Pty, Melbourne (2003)

“It was embarrassing. Enquiries were still coming in from investors even after we had completed our deal. We’re now working closely with another member company after they invested £150,000 in us.” – Computer Software Co, Sussex. (2002)

“…provides a market place and does not intervene in business done between investors.” Daily Mail (2001)

“Great news! We’ve found an investor and can now get on with our planned expansion.” – L.M. Weybridge (2000)

“What attracted us was the fact that…we could deal directly with potential investors without being subject to large up-front fees and interference from people who wanted to ‘help’. It worked!” – PR, Norfolk (1999)

“Without The Capital Exchange, this business would never have been possible” – JW, Oxford (1998)

“As an investor looking for a small business into which I can input my business experience as well as capital, The Capital Exchange provides a uniquely effective service.” – AW, Herefordshire (1997)

“Thank you for reminding us to renew our subscription. Please find cheque enclosed. Congratulations on producing a uniquely useful publication." - PLC Holding Company, Scotland (1996)

"...it says a lot about the inadequacy of our finance channels that such an operation need ever exist" - Director, magazine of the Institute of Directors - 1995

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