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Seeking Funds

Welcome to DCXWorld - The self-certified investment market place

This market place is for companies seeking equity/debt funding from individual investors. Our many registered investors wish to protect their identities and, also, need to be assured that there is quality control over production of your business plan and preparation for their due diligence.
  This is a structured market place and your access to it is through a DCX Member, who is also the first point of contact for investors.  
  There is a charge for posting your opportunity to DCX and you will also negotiate fees with your DCX Member for assistance with your proposition, taking calls from prospective investors and other work essential to progressing your transaction to a, hopefully, successful conclusion.  
  When your preparation is completed, your opportunity will then be posted to DCX from where it will be distributed as 200-word executive summary to those investors whose preferences your opportunity matches.  
  To find a DCX Member in your area click HERE  
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