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REGISTER AS A DCX INVESTOR if you are an experienced entrepreneur or company director who can meet the self-certification criteria required by the 2005 Amendments to FSMA2000, the form for which is presented to you when you click the DCX Investor Registration button below. Our subscribers, some of whom have been with us since we launched as the newsletter Capital Exchange in 1992, use DCX for investment, innovation and diversification opportunities for themselves and/or their companies. Once registered, please be sure to set your preferences in the DCX Newswire zone after which you will receive the most recent 30 opportunities matching your preferences, and others as they are posted to the Exchange.

Free registration for self-certified high net worth or sophisticated investors.
PLEASE NOTE: Your contact details are kept completely confidential and secure. The only time they are revealed is when you yourself enquire about an opportunity received through a DCX Newswire alert (you may prefer to do this through an intermediary). Our subscriber list is not for sale.
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High Net Worth Individuals & Sophisticated Investors

SUBSCRIBE AS A DCX MEMBER if you are a professional advisor to fund-seeking enterprises. This includes corporate finance boutiques, consultants, accountants and many others who assist clients with production of business plans with a view to fund-raising. Experienced Members take no more than 30 seconds to post opportunities. Once posted, it is immediately sent from the DCX Newswire to DCX Investors whose selection criteria it matches. All incoming inquiries from DCX Investors come directly to you.
DCX is an information medium only and does not offer financial advice, arrange deals or become involved in individual transactions in any way.
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Consultants, Accountants, CorpFin Advisors
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