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Member Registration  
Thank you for your interest in becoming a DCX Member.
As a Member you will be responsible for providing a high quality service to Fund Seekers and also to prospective Investors.
We therefore only accept Members who have the right skills to provide the high quality of service required and who agree to abide by the Code of Practice set by The Council of the Development Capital Exchange.
The number of Members is limited, and the Council has absolute discretion to decide whether a Member may be admitted or not.
Before continuing with your application to become a Member, please take time to read the Code of Practice
To continue, first please confirm that you are happy to abide by its terms:
If you decide to put your name forward, your membership will be accepted for an interim period of up to three months.
The Council will normally be able to ratify your Membership within that time , but if it does not, any subscription money you have paid will be returned.
To discuss membership further please feel free to telephone our Director: Paul Harris
T: +44 (0) 0442 891689
E: paul.harris@dcxworld.com
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